New accessory available for Novalight


Our novalight 360˚ (art nr: 300740) is a very handy lamp for construction work . This lamp can lighten up big surfaces through its large beamangle. The lamp heads are individual adjustable, so you can always lighten up the right spot. This light has a brightness of 8000 lumen and a CRI score of >95. The tripod is adjustable in height. Optional there are 2 different accessories available, a dimmer and a swivel-joint.



300744 Dimmer
With this dimmer you get the opportunity to dim this lamp. Very handy for projects where you need less light. You can order this dimmer optional. Connect this dimmer between the floodlight and the power supply.



300745 Swivel joint
With this handy swivel joint you can adjust the light perfectly. Ideal for ceiling projects or difficult spots. With this accessory you can bend the lamp 90˚, so you can also shine to the ceiling.