Experiment Led Mini Garden (art: 402001)


Our Led mini garden is used by The Mendel University in Brno for an experiment. Plants are planted in flower pots with contaminated soil that is collected next to airports and highways. These plants are planted both in our LED mini garden and in the normal way to see what the result is. How can we use these plants, despite the pollution of the environment. Does this pollution also end up in our drinking water and remains it in the plants or not. In this video you can see the experiment.

The first conclusions so far:

The plants have double problems - soil with pollution and water with pollution:

step 1








In the beginning both plants grow the same, with LED lamp and without LED lamp.

step 2









After some time, these plants need more light. The plants in the mini garden are still growing.

without led lampwith led lamp










After a long time, plants without a LED light, but with pollution, die. The plants with LED lamp are still growing.












The research still continues..

led mini garden