Everything you want to know about cornbulbs


Corn bulbs are also called LED retrofits. They are very useful and are used for many purposes. There are all kinds of sizes of corn lamps. These lamps are designed to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps (HID lamps). They are much more energy-efficient, maintain their clarity and last much longer.

What is a Corn Lamp?

In a corn lamp, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are combined on a metal construction. This lamp owes its name to the fact that the yellow LEDs resemble corn. These lamps have a large beam angle of 360˚, so they are able to illuminate a large room at once.

Which spaces are suitable for Corn lamps?

The LED Cornbulb is used for many different purposes. For example, you can use this lamp as a highbay lamp in a warehouse. Many street lamps are already equipped with these corn lights. They can perfectly replace ordinary lamps with high wattage. If the LED light is used to replace HWL, UHP, HPL, HQL and HSB lamps, the ballast must be removed in the fixture. It can then be connected directly to the mains voltage of 230V AC.

What are cornlamps useful for?

Because these cornlamps distribute the light all around, this lamp is ideal to use at DIY jobs, for painters or plastering work. Good lighting is essential for this work. These lamps are even used in street lights. There are also small cornbulbs for sale for cylinder lights or exhausting hoods.

A number of these lamps from our range explained:

Article 2400411:

This LED corn lamp has a brightness of 2750 lumen and a consumption of 22W. This is a consumption of 125LM/W. A very energy-efficient lamp. This bulb has a neutral white color (4000K) and a size of 60 * 180mm. The lamp has a lifetime of no less than 50,000 hours. The big advantage of this lamp is that it fits in two different fittings (a large fitting and an extra large fitting). By default, this lamp can be used in an E27 fitting, but with the supplied adapter it also fits in an E40 fitting.

Article 2400413:

A very energy-efficient LED lamp with a light output of 125 LM/W. The total number of lumen is 4500 with a consumption of 36W. Like the other corn lamp, this lamp is also equipped with an adapter for an E27 and an E40 fitting. The size of this lamp is 95 * 210mm.

Article 2400415:

Another lamp with possibility for an E27 and E40 fitting, is this bulb. This lamp has the same characteristics as the other lamps but has a total light output of 6750 Lumen with a consumption of 54W. This lamp has a size of 95 * 260mm.

Article 2400417:

Finally, we have a cornbulb in our range that only fits on an E40 fitting. With a size of 140 * 245mm, a brightness of 12500 lumens and a consumption of 100W.

We also have small corn lights in our range, with large fitting, small fitting or special fitting.

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