The possibilities of LED strips


Everyone knows the light tubes, which are particularly popular in the winter months. Gardens and houses are decorated with lights for a beautiful atmosphere. With our Ledstrips there are even more possibilities. Not only beautiful in the winter, but throughout the year.

Staircase lighting
With this LED strip set for Staircase lighting you walk with pleasure one time extra up or down. It looks beautiful in the hallway. With the sensor (optionally available) the light will automatically turn on or off as soon as you get close. Our complete set is suitable for a normal staircase with 15 steps. With the aluminum profile set, this strip will also stick on stairs with carpeting.

TV lighting
You can easily create an extra atmosphere when watching TV with our TV LED strip set. Match the light to your favorite programs. The 2 strips of 60 cm can easily be glued along the edges of the TV.

Bed lighting
We also have a LED strip for under the bed. This means you never have to bumble in the dark when you get in or out of bed. The light automatically switches on and off due to the movement sensor. Super convenient and it also looks nice. This rope is quick and easy to install.

We have different light hoses in our range. We have a number of different sets of 5 meters long with RGB colors and / or warm white light, adaptable to the music, dimmable or adjustable. We also have a 45-meter long light hose that allows you to illuminate a large area at once. Our light hoses can easily be shortened to the indicated symbol. With the end caps, connectors and plugs you can tailor the strip yourself. Note, not all light hoses can be used outside. But most species can be used well under a shelter.

ledstrip rgb + warm white