Halogen Lights no longer for sale, because of more efficient alternatives


Since September 1st, most halogen lamps disappeared. The inefficient Class D lights are prohibited now. This was officially decided by the new Ecodesign guideline. After the light bulbs now the halogen lamps also disappear. The 12V halogen lights are still allowed, however there are more efficient alternatives for those as well. Stock items are still allowed to sell, but it is not allowed anymore to produce or import.

What is exactly prohibited?

The “High-voltage” lamps for direct connection to 230V and all the normal halogen incandescant lamps with E14 and E27 fitting. For example all pear and candle shaped forms and all small spots with GU10 fitting and a lifespan from <2000 hrs. Some special lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps (for example for wire systems) are excepted from this prohibition.

Bright halogen lamps with a G9 or R7 fitting are allowed to stay In the market, because there were no economical variants available yet when these rules were established. But now there are LED variants available in the market for the R7 fitting tube lamps, but they don’t have the highest light output yet.

This Ecodesign Guideline also excepts lights with special function such as heat lamps and lights in electrical devices (such as ovens) or terrariums for animals. These lights have mentioned “not suitable for general lighting” mentioned at the packaging.

Phased out lamps