Why Led panels with low glare are so important


Because there are so many different types of LED panels, they can be hung almost anywhere inside. Because human productivity and functioning are related to good lighting, it is important to pay attention to the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) when purchasing a lamp. A lamp should give bright light, but not cause any glare.

The UGR value is a value to indicate to what level of glare there is in a certain environment. The guidelines for this are written down in the NEN-EN 12464-1 standard. The average value is between 15-30. A low value stands for little glare. A value lower than 10 means no glare. Glare is caused by the size of the room and the characteristics of the demarcation (walls, floors, ceiling, etc.). Walls can reflect light and a small space can create more glare. A low UGR value is needed for better concentration and effort. It is therefore advisable to use a value of <19 for offices for a better working environment.

The maximum UGR value for various types of rooms has been specified:
• Corridors <28
• Entrance rooms <22
• Staircase and elevators <25
• Office <19
• Drawing room <16

In addition to the light level, light comfort is also important. With use of the latest micro-prismatic light diffuser technique, the light is prevented from being aimed directly into the corners that cause glare, while the efficacy of 100 lm/w is not changed.

The LED panels with low glare value do not differ much in price and performance of the ordinary panels, but they improve the working environment. Also our LED panels item: 800187, 800188 and 800189 have a URG value <19 and are therefore the perfect lighting for work and learning environments.

UGR protection in Led light