A new generation of Wi-Fi Led lighting


For some time now, technology to remotely control your devices has been available. New lights, your camera of even your wall outlet could be turned on and off with WiFi. In order to get this new and innovative technology to work, you had to buy and install special equipment. A very handy technology with a time-consuming and roundabout installation method.  

At Shada, we offer something new. At next months Smart Lighting + Design LED Expo, we will be introducing products that don’t need a special device or gateway to work. The only thing you need is your new light, camera or wall socket and our app. From there on out it’s plug and play. You create an account for a main user via the app and can then immediately and directly control your devices. The system is safe, as the only person that can give other users access to the devices, is the main user that created the account. Compatibility with Amazon Echo and Google assistant increases the flexibility

Interested in seeing how this works? Visit us at the smart lighting + design LED expo on 7 and 8 februari.


Smart Lighting + Design LED Expo