Goverment funding available in the Netherlands for energy-efficient investments in 2018


For several years, the government in the Netherlands has been funding energy-efficient initiatives and investments for companies. The Energy List 2018 lists several LED technologies that are available for funding.

Any company, association, club or foundation can apply for funding when investing in energy-efficient technology and renewable energy. The program, the ‘Energie-investeringsaftrek’ or Energy Investment Allowance (EIA), saves companies an average of 13,5% on their investments in the form of a tax advantage, apart from reducing costs on the energy bills. In 2018, the government has made a budget of 147 million available for energy-efficient investments.

The Energy List 2018 lists all technologies for which the funding can be requested. This list is amended by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy every year to provide new rules and guidelines for funding. Of course, this program provides an extra incentive for companies to invest in durable economic growth.

The list for this year mentions several eligible technologies in the LED industry. LED luminaires, LED tubes and lighting with energy-saving sensors (i.e. motion sensors with a timer) are all on the list. Both the list and further information on the allowance can be found on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. You can find it in English here or click here for Dutch.