LED's light

The solution for lighting in and around your home. For example, indirect lighting or accent lighting in the Livingroom, can be easy and simple implemented with LED light strips, available in different versions. When lights are visible, like chandeliers or designer lamps, we recommend lamps with “LED-filament”, it looks the same but it creates a pleasant light with a 360 ° beam angle. The dimmable LED bulbs are also a possibility, the can be adjusted with the appropriate dimmer in brightness.

The bathroom is often a place for relaxation. Indirect lighting behind mirrors or furniture are the perfect solution. A dimmable deck light creates a cosy feeling in the evening and a fresh start in the morning.

The kitchen is usually a work place, so task lighting is desired. LED tubes can be used. Easily exchangeable for the old fluorescent tubes. Another solution are the Ceiling lights with adjustable colour temperature, to create the perfect work space in every home.

The bedroom is a place for thatched, unobtrusive light. A warm white LED light strip can be used as indirect lighting behind or under the bed, or above a cabinet. For useful bedside lighting LED bulbs are recommend with low power. To ensure the best lighting in every situation.

LED’s light is the solution for lighting in and around the home. Contact us is you would like some more information. We look forward to finding the right solution for you.

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