About Shada


We are an importer with the focus on LED lighting. With an office in China, where we search and develop new products, provide certification and produce our own packaging. We always develop new products in cooperation with manufacturers, customer orders and innovations can be realized very quickly. A high level of quality can be ensured. We always look for the best solution. Therefore, we have started the production of a series of power supply free LED spotlights in Germany. The SHADA products manufactured at the highest quality level, convince our customers, which is due to the very high reliability of 99.85%. 





Our company include 3 home brands:

LED's LightThe solution for lighting in and around your home. For example, indirect lighting or accent lighting in the Livingroom. Indirect lighting behind mirrors or furniture for a bathroom. Led tubes for the kitchen counter, where task lighting is desired. Or maybe you are looking for thatched, unobtrusive light in the bedroom. LED’s light is the solution

LED's WorkThe solution for lighting in and around your worksite. For example, safe, reliable and easy to use solutions for construction sites. Mobile flexible LED Floodlights where power is not available. Or just simply cordless spotlights to provide just the right lighting for the task at hand. LED’s work is the solution for you!

LED's Light ProThe solution for every lighting project. Industrial lighting, office lighting of special sales area lighting. SHADA will find the right solution for your project. Contact us if you would like some more information. We look forward to finding the right solution! 



We are committed to a customer first attitude and provide superior service in fulfilling customer needs. Striving to be easy to do business with.
We supply the products both FOB and delivered throughout Europe. Supplying both trade and retail customers in mainly the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  
We are based in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands. And have an office in Germany with a dynamic sales team.

SHADA LED's lights ✓ for home ✓ for work ✓ for life!