At office lighting highest demands are made. The light should enable fatigue-free work and boost productivity. In addition, the lighting is subject to different standards. For these requirements SHADA offers the right products. The advantages of LED technology is flicker-free and also economical lighting. Lack of UV and infrared light protects the furnishings. With LED light they create an inspiring and welcoming environment and support the productivity and creativity of employees.

UnlimiLED possibilities

LED lamps are available in a wide range of designs for office lighting. Outstanding color reproduction makes them an extremely attractive lighting solution for offices. The innovative technology used to generate the directed light reduces overall energy consumption and minimizes the thermal loads in the light cone, while a long service life guarantees low maintenance costs. Glare-free luminaires ensure that the working environment is undisturbed and complies with all relevant standards. In individual offices, freestanding lamps make an attractive addition to fixed light solutions: Not only do they generate plenty of light, but they also create attractive accents and can be used in wide range of different areas. Whatever light intensity is required, the selection of SHADA luminaires offers virtually endless possibilities.