600750 - Bluetooth RGB Bulb

    • 01 - How do I pair the 600750 lamp to my device?
    • Not necessary, once you download and install the app and start it, it will check automatically if Bluetooth® is turned on and if not, will ask you to turn it on (iOS) or asks your permission to do so (Android). Without Bluetooth, the app cannot control your bulb!
    • 02 - I selected music on my app and am playing it, but the sound only seems to come from my phone, not the bulb. what am I doing wrong?
    • You are not doing anything wrong! the 600750 is a light-effect only product and does not have a built in speaker to play your music. we DO have such a product, the 600795, but this one does not have the cool light-effects that the 600750 does. We are working on a combination of the two.
    • 03 - Can I make the lights respond to my voice also, instead of music on my phone?
    • Most assuredly you can! goto the sound-section in the app and then slide left to goto the voice-respons settings page.
    • 04 - How many Bulbs can I use simultaneously with the app
    • The app works optimally for up to 4 bulbs in total, and up to 4 bulbs can be grouped togeter in any single group. in other words; if you have 4 LED's light Smart bulbs, you can create 4 different rooms with 1 bulb in each room, 22 rooms with eacht 2 bulbs or 1 room with max. 4 bulbs or anything in between.
    • 05 - I paired the bulb in my device's Bluetooth® dialog screen, but when I start the app, the lamp doesn't appear
    • That is because you are doing it wrong! You should not pair the bulbs in your device's dialog screens! just turn on your lamp and then start the app. The app will then check if Bluetooth® is turned on or not and if not, will ask you to do so (iOS) or ask permission to start Bluetooth® from inside the app (Android). after that, the bulbs should pop up quickly in the app and you can start controlling them.
    • 06 - I followed all instructions and the lamp still doesn't appear in my app is it broken?
    • Probably not, but please make sure your device is amongst the ones that are listed under "system requirements" and has the right version of Bluetooth®. if it is not, the app may or may not work, because we haven't tested every device on the market, but we cannot guarantee that it will work. on some older devices, with outdated bluetooth® versions, the app may not work (well).
    • 07 - ­ I have several LED's light Smart Bulbs and have created custom rooms, and put each bulb in a room, so I can quickly turn on and off all my Smart Bulbs in aoom, by tapping on the room Icon. However, I went grocery shopping and when I got back home, all my custom grouping settings were gone! What s going on?
    • Unfortunately, This is a known bug! It is currently being handled and should be fixed in the next app­update, so the app will remember all custom settings even if you turn off your bulbs with the light switch or move outof Bluetooth® range. you can use he following workaround in the mean time: make a custom scenario for each room, since scenarios are saved by the app. then, when you find your custom room grouping settings gone, you can still quickly get your custom color and dimmer settings back per room by tapping the corresponding scenario.
    • 08 - my app stopped responding, or bulbs dissapear from the app after a while, what to do?
    • you can try this: 1 - turn off the bulbs with the light switch, turn off bluetooth® on your device, shutdown the app. 2 - Turn the bulbs back on. 3 - Restart the app.